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Steinhafels Bedding Mattresses

Your residents or guests will rest easy when you buy a mattress from Steinhafels Bedding. The mattresses we make for you will provide comfort, protection and support for today, tonight and many tomorrows.

Mattresses for Hospitality

Signature comfort delivers an exceptional sleep that keeps guests coming back. We produce luxurious hospitality mattresses with firm foundations, strong support systems, and plush or firm comfort for the coziest of sleeps at your hotel, motel, resort, lodge or bed and breakfast. We commit to superior craftsmanship and use only the best materials to design mattresses that define your brand.

Mattresses for Education

A restful sleep keeps students healthy and learning at public and private colleges and universities, tech schools, academies, and boarding schools. Our durable, long-lasting, and comfortable educational institution mattresses come in varying thicknesses, sizes, materials, and comfort levels. Our hygienic, sealed seam, and fire-retardant mattresses meet the highest sanitary standards to offer water, fluid and anti-microbial protection with bedbug resistance.

Mattresses for Specialized Industries

Every resident needs a good night’s sleep to aid recovery, stay healthy, and work well. Our custom institutional mattresses meet your specs for comfort and durability. We can deliver custom mattresses for your group camp, retreat center, assisted living facility, fire department, shelter, and more. Mattresses are available in varying thicknesses, sizes, materials, and comfort levels. Our hygienic sealed-seam mattresses clean up easily and are fire retardant, anti-microbial, and water, fluid, and bedbug resistant.

Mattresses for
YOUnique Needs

Made for Comfort. Made to Last.

Made for You!

Contact Steinhafels Bedding to get mattresses made to your specifications and made to last. We make comfortable, durable, and hygienic mattresses for hospitality, education, health care, or institutional use.